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Welcome! Here you will find FREE IMAGES, ANIMATIONS, AND LINKS to my other list of GIF Pages. These images have all been collected from around the web. You are welcome to save any images you like. I only request that you save images to your hard drive by right-clicking the "Save As" button, rather than linking to my page. I also have some great links available, so please check them out and COME BACK SOON!

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Unicorn Background
Dragon Background
Green Blob Background
Fairy Background
Orange Textured Background
Lilac textured Background
Space Background
Oceanside Background
Dragon Art Background
Mystical Fairies Background
Country House Background
Transparent Peace Background
Egyptian Sand Background
Satin Wine Background
Skull Background
Another Oceanside Background
Sun Background
Woman Crying
Bordered Fairy Background
Kokopeli Background
Green Swirl Background

Chasing Bullets Bar
Blue Jeweled Bar
Rainbow Bar
Purple Animated Bar
Gold Jeweled Bar
Animated Red Dots
Lightening Bar
Bloodline Bar
Beautiful Purple Bar
Silver Chained Bar
Mythical Skulls and Stars Bar
Blacklight Bar
Disco Bar
Egyptian Bar
Animated Gold Bar
Animated Peace Bar
Beautiful Purple Dragon Bar
Slinky Bar

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~*Simpsons Animations*~
Dancing Homer
Falling Homer
Sleeping Gramps
Happy Bart
Mooning Bart
Peeking Homer
Bart Skateboarding
Bart Whistling
Bart writing on Blackboard
Homer on the couch with Beer
Krusty Cereal Poster
Simpson (Creation of Adam)
Simpson (Dali)
Simpson (Sopranos) poster
Homer on Couch with Beer 2
Raiders of Lost Fridge
Homer Got Beer?
Simpson TV Poster
Lisa (The Scream)
Bart Eat My Shorts
Bart He Devil
Bart Barfing
Homer's 7th Inning Stretch

Blue Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly 2
Yellow Butterfly
Psychedelic Butterfly
Beautiful Butterfly
Brazilian & Peruvian Butterflies
Two Butterflies
Colorful Butterflies
Butterfly Species
Malayan & Columbian Butterflies

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~*Email Gifs*~
Frog Email
Mythical Email
Mail Rotating Around E
Electric Email
Moving Mailbox
Purple Email
Rotating Email
Pencil Email


~*Back/Next/Home/Mail Images*~
Silver Back Arrow
Silver Next Arrow
Retro Back Button
Retro Next Button
Jeweled Back Button
Jeweled Next Button
Jeweled Mail Button
Jeweled Home Button
Lilac Back Button with Butterfly
Lilac Home Button with Butterfly
Lilac Mail Button with Butterfly
Lilac Next Button with Butterfly
OceanSide Back Button
OceanSide Email Button
OceanSide Home Button
OceanSide Next Button
Sun Back Button
Sun Next Button
Sun Email Button
Sun Home Button

USA Flag 1
USA Flag 2
USA Continent Flag
USA Flag Half Mast
USA Animated Flag
3D Flag
Colonial Flag
Flag Square
Jasper John's Three Flags
History of American Flag
American Flag & Statue of Liberty
Flags of Confederacy

Skull Email in Star
Black Skull Flag
Blue Skull Flag
Green Skull
Purple 3D Skull
Skeleton Danceline
Skull Motioning to Come
Skull Smoaking
Skull Head Turning
Red 3D Skull
Red Skull in Triangle
Skull Head Turning
White 3D Skull
Many Skulls

Gargoyle Facing Left
Gargoyle Facing Right
Gargoyle Face
Gargoyle on Column

~*Flowers,Trees,& Leaves*~
Animated Red Rose
Animated Yellow Rose
Red Daisy
Red Falling Leaf
Green Falling Leaf
Orange Falling Leaf
Black & White Tree

Angel Girl with Flowers
Multi-Colored Angel with Horn
Angel with Horn Facing Left
Angel with Horn Facing Right
Flying Cherub
Precious Moments Angel
Gentle Guardian
Garden Miracle
Radiance of Peace
July-Verchiel Angel
Christmas Angel
Angel Sketch
Angels Playing Music
Cherubs-Fallen Angels
Little Angels-Raphael
The Guardian Angel
Virgin & Child with Angels
Angel at Versailles

~*Suns, Moons, & Stars*~
Sun Welcome
Smoking Moon
Yellow Rotating Moon
Sun, Moon, & Star Print
Mosaic Sun
Moon, Sun, & Star Print
Mosaic Moon

~*Website Under Construction Signs*~
Alien Construction Sign
Construction Sign
Krazy Kunstrukson Sign
Animated Welder Construction

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